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Australian Shepherds are neither a hobby or income for us but rather our passion. We love this breed, their amazing intelligence, athletic ability, and devoted companionship. We cannot imagine being without an Aussie by our side. Aussies have been a big part of our life for many years. We have chosen our lines to cross in preserving true Aussie traits and natural ability. We love the Aussie for their ability to be a companion, farm, ranch, or countryside and to do a days work if needed, keeping a sound mind and body.

Our first interest in Aussies came from our professionally showing/training Quarter Horses. Aussie's made the perfect horse show dog and traveling companion. They were the guardians of our truck, trailer, tack as well as ourselves if need be. Our dogs knew when we were preparing to leave for a show circuit. They would sit patiently in the stands, while we showed, with their focus on us. They knew where all our horses were stalled on the grounds, and where our trailer was located. They rode the scooter with us back and forth from stalls to ring, sometimes leading a horse along side. They also had the "know" when our last class was over and were just as eager to load and go. A true Aussie will read your every thought and movement. Do all Australian Shepherds have these traits and intelligence ? No ! So much has been bred out of this breed for the sake of pretty, bone, and coat.

We have working, show, and competition lines and evaluate for the all around dog. We don't breed for eye color, and we do not breed merle to merle. We have studied and researched genetics and abide from that research. We look for longevity, soundness, and temperament, from past lines. For those seeking a show dog, we have conformation show dogs from our lines as well as herding, obedience, agility, and most important "loyal family members." We are just as happy to place our pups in companion forever homes. Showing is not for everyone and should be your decision. We are not caught up in ribbons and rings and forget the true purpose of an Aussie. What good is a pretty dog without the correct mind and conformation for athletic ability.This is our ideas of successful breeding.

We invite all to discuss our breeding program with us, pedigree's, and evaluation of our own lines. We do not give recommendations or discuss other kennels breeding practices as they are their own. We are here to help you with your selection from our lines and provide our knowledge and support if needed.

Take a look at our Aussie's and if you are looking for a forever friend, then an Oakwood Aussie may be just right for you.

Oakwood Aussies
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